In addition to soft starters, Bay Breakers also offers variable frequency drives (VFD). The main benefits of using a VFD include:

  • - Energy savings
  • - Reduces peak energy demand
  • - Reduces power when not required
  • - Fully adjustable speed (pumps, conveyors, and fans)
  • - Controlled starting, stopping, and acceleration
  • - Dynamic torque control
  • - Provides smooth motion for applications such as elevators and escalators
  • - Maintains speed of equipment, making drives ideal for manufacturing equipment and industrial equipment such as mixers, grinders, and crushers
  • - Versatility
  • - Self-diagnostics and communications
  • - Advanced overload protection
  • - PLC-like functionality and software programming
  • - Digital inputs/outputs (DI/DO)
  • - Analog inputs/outputs (AI/AO)
  • - Relay outputs

VFDs offer the greatest energy savings for fans and pumps. The adjustable flow method changes the flow curve and drastically reduces power requirements. Centrifugal equipment (fans, pumps, and compressors) follow a general set of speed affinity laws. The affinity laws define the relationship between speed and a set of variables:

  • - Flow
  • - Pressure
  • - Power