Need Help Identifying a Part?

A lot of the older circuit breakers may have no catalog numbers, amperage information, or even manufacturer information listed on them anywhere. Get in touch with one of our product experts and we can definitely help. Providing us with as many of the following clues will help us greatly in determining the part you need:

  • Digital Picture - A digital picture is always the best option in determining what circuit breaker you have.

  • Trace the outline - If you can't send a digital picture, try to remove the circuit breaker, trace it, and fax the outline to (408) 998-2982.

  • Dimensions - Dimensions of the circuit breaker can be very helpful in determining your circuit breaker.

  • Catalog Number - Always look for a Cat #, type, or other markings...(please keep in mind that there are a lot of numbers typically found on the circuit breaker that will NOT help us, such as the style number). The Catalog number is the most important number for us in determining your need.

  • Panel Manufacturer - This information is always helpful, but never enough on its own to determine your needs.

  • Other Breakers nearby - if your breaker has no markings, look at other breakers in the panel to provide us with hints as to what yours may be.

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The more of these answers you can provide us, the better we can determine what it is you need. Remember, you can always call us at (800) 540-7821 for help in determining your needs as well.