Bay Breakers offers a full line of fuses, including various classes of low-voltage (600V or less) fuses; Classes RK1, RK5, G, L, T, J, H and CC. Here is a list of just some of the fuses we sell:

Class CC Fuses

Class CC Fuses600V, 200kA interrupting rating, branch circuit fuses with overall dimensions of 13⁄32" x 1.5". Their design incorporates a rejection feature that allows them to be inserted into rejection fuse holders and fuse blocks that reject all lower voltage, lower interrupting rating 13⁄32” x 1.5” fuses. They are available from 1⁄10A through 30A.

Class G Fuses

480V, 100kA interrupting rating branch circuit fuses that are size rejecting to eliminate overfusing. The fuse diameter is 13⁄32" while the length varies from 15⁄16" to 2.25". These are available in ratings from 1A through 60A.

Class R Fuses

Class R ("R" for rejection) fuses are high performance, 1 ⁄ 10 to 600A units, 250V and 600V, having a high degree of current limitation and a short-circuit interrupting rating of 200kA or 300kA (RMS Sym.). Bussmann Class R fuses include Class RK1 Low-Peak™ and Limitron™ fuses, and RK5 Fusetron fuses. They have replaced the K1 Low-Peak and Limitron fuses and K5 Fusetron fuses. These fuses are identical, with the exception of a modification in the mounting configuration called a “rejection feature.” This feature permits Class R fuses to be mounted in rejection type fuseclips. “R” type fuseclips prevent older type Class H, ONE-TIME and RENEWABLE fuses from being installed. The use of Class R fuse holders is thus an important safeguard. The application of Class R fuses in such equipment as disconnect switches permits the equipment to have a high interrupting rating. NEC® 110-9 and §OSHA 29 CFR 1910.303(b)(4) require that protective devices have adequate capacity to interrupt short-circuit currents. Article 240-60(b) requires fuse holders for current-limiting fuses to reject non-current-limiting type fuses. In the above illustration, a grooved ring in one ferrule provides the rejection feature of the Class R fuse in contrast to the lower interrupting rating, non-rejection type.

Branch-Circuit Listed Fuses

Branch-circuit listed fuses are designed to prevent the installation of fuses that cannot provide a comparable level of protection to equipment. The characteristics of Branch-circuit fuses are:
  1. They must have a minimum interrupting rating of 10kA
  2. They must have a minimum voltage rating of 125V.
  3. They must be size rejecting such that a fuse of a lower
  4. voltage rating cannot be installed in the circuit.
  5. They must be size rejecting such that a fuse with a current
  6. rating higher than the fuse holder rating cannot be installed.