Air Circuit Breakers

Air Circuit BreakersBay Breakers is known for our extensive inventory of molded case circuit breakers, but we also stock hard to find air circuit breakers from manufacturers like GE, ITE, Westinghouse, and other top brands. We have obsolete used ans surplus new breakers coming in regularly.

A few of the air circuit breakers we regularly stock:
  • Both manually and electrically operated breakers in stock
  • GE - AKR-6S-30H, AKRU-66D-30, AKRU-7D-30S, AKRU6D-30, AKR-10D-50, AKR-6D-50H, AKR-7D-100, AKR-6D-75
  • ITE - K-DON600, K-600S, K1600, K1600S, K-DON1600, K-3000, K-3000S, K-DON-4000S
  • WESTINGHOUSE - DSL206, DS206, DS416, DS420, DS632, DBL, DB50, DB75

Call Us with Your Requirements

We don't list our Air Circuit Breaker inventory on our website. Please give us a call at 1-800-540-7821 or request a quote online with your requirements and we'll get you the breaker you need.


New, Used, and Obsolete Air Circuit Breakers

Need to keep the costs down for the customer? Consider a reconditioned breaker, which has gone through a stringent inspection and testing process. Refurbished electrical hardware is a cost-effective and reliable alternative to purchasing new. In some cases, the breaker is no longer in production and a reconditioned version is the only option.