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FPE Circuit Breakers and Controls

Federal Pacific FPE Circuit Breakers Image
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Buy Federal Pacific (FPE) Breakers at Bay Breakers - New & Used

At Bay Breakers, we're proud to bring our customers the very best in electrical circuit breakers. That's why we offer a full lineup of genuine Federal Pacific circuit breakers. Federal Pacific breakers are known throughout the industry for high-quality and reliable performance. Browse our comprehensive online catalog of quality FPE circuit breakers, including popular models like the NC020, NA2100, NB111020, NEF435100, and NAGF20. Refurbished FPE circuit breakers are a cost-effective and reliable alternative to purchasing new electrical breaker hardware. For those who want brand new parts, we carry an extensive lineup of quality new Federal Pacific circuit breakers and other electric products, including Stablok breakers, electric panels, transformers, and more. Bay Breakers is also an authorized dealer for FPE Transformers.

Federal Pacific/FPE
The Federal Pacific Electric Company (FPE) brand name is fairly complex due to the history of product line acquisition and naming rights ownership changes. The original FPE company that began manufacturing electrical panels, circuit breakers, and other electrical parts decades ago is no longer around (to our knowledge).

As far as we know today, there is one company officially using the Federal Pacific name, yet it's not affiliated or connected in any way with the original FPE brand or product line - Federal Pacific Transformers and Switchgear, based in Virginia, produces Transformers and Switchgear and has been doing so since 1987. Beyond this, you'll find a few manufacturers and several retailers and distributors still offering new and refurbished FPE branded products styled after the original Federal Pacific Electric Company brand.

Bay Breakers - Your Source for Federal Pacific (FPE) Circuit Breakers and Electrical Equipment

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